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Team Namibia Benefits The Team Namibia benefits are based on your membership category and membership fee contribution.


Association with the Team Namibia Brand & Use of Trademarked Logo:

our association with the Team Namibia brand would position you as an organisation that is associated with a cause that ultimately supports the sustainable development of our economy.

You would have the exclusive right to use the Team Namibia logo when advertising or promoting your businesses and with the security of a trademarked logo, members of Team Namibia can ensure to distinguish their products and services from their competitors. The trademarked logo communicates with and captures the attention of buyers; it conveys the message that the Namibian product or service meets quality, health and safety standards and that the supplier of the service or product is local and can be trusted to contribute to the local Namibian economy.



Team Namibia actively engages with stakeholders ranging from government through to private sector organisations across all industry sectors to raise awareness of Namibian products and services, and to support our local industry and service providers.


Team Namibia directory:

All paid-up members of Team Namibia will be featured free of charge in Team Namibia’s Annual Directory, which will be distributed to key decision makers and influencers in our economy, and will be distributed at key targeted “outlets”. In addition, members will be offered favourable rates to advertise in the directory to further increase their exposure. Team Namibia provides member lists to publishers of other directories; e.g. Namibia Trade Directory and Who’s Who.


New Member Profiles & Certificates:

Profiles of all new members will be listed in next Team Namibia newsletter and on social media platforms, as well as on negotiated third party platforms. Upon registration of membership, a certificate will be issued to the new member. An updated certificate will be issued every year, upon receipt of payment of membership.

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Team Namibia know where your products come from


Social Media & Digital Marketing

Team Namibia is active on various social and digital marketing platforms. These currently include LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We have increasing “following and engagement” on various platforms. Regular activity by Team Namibia will benefit all members that are associated with the Team Namibia brand. Team Namibia distributes content from your media releases directly to our audience (organic or paid for) or curate existing content, which also allows for third party endorsement, on a regular basis, to relevant audiences.


Media Releases

Team Namibia regularly communicates with the media. If needed, we can distribute your media releases on a monthly basis to the media – this includes the print media, television and radio – including commercial channels – in Namibia, within the region and internationally. Team Namibia also writes its own copy or press releases and generally approaches its members to give comments or quotes for Team Namibia press releases when relevant.


Competitions & Contests

Team Namibia regularly runs competitions on digital platforms and the traditional media. The aim of the competitions is predominantly to secure greater awareness of our members and their products and services as well as greater engagement with Team Namibia and what it stands for.



Team Namibia produces a regular newsletter. Recipients of the publication are member organisations of Team Namibia and key decision-makers in both the public and private sector. Team Namibia will publish content received from your organisation on a regular basis.


Support Local

Be a part of the movement, if you are a business register with us so you become part of the brand. If you are a consumer, choose LOCAL!

Team Namibia know where your products come from


Team Talk Events

Team Namibia hosts Team Talk events. These events allow our members to share their expertise and creates networks in view of increasing value addition.


Arrangement of Business to Business Meetings

Team Namibia will host member networking events such as business meetings between members and retailers. These events allow our manufacturers and producers to meet with retailers and distributors.


Invitation to Public Events

Team Namibia frequently receives invitations from government authorities and other organisations. These are distributed to our members.


Annual General Meeting

All members are invited to attend Team Namibia’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), featuring high profile guests and keynote speakers. Members will have the chance to network with fellow members and be updated about latest trends



Team Namibia is participating at several exhibitions per year. At some, Team Namibia will have a small stand and at others, Team Namibia will be attending solely as a visitor. Team Namibia will engage members to become co-participants at the exhibitions: in various ways, shared space, product and service information for distribution (flyers) or display of products.



Team Namibia gains market intelligence through regular surveys. These include perceptions surveys as well as surveys to establish key trends. Members can also seek Team Namibia’s support with regard to conducting surveys. Once we have received your survey questions, we would be able to create an online survey on your behalf and provide you with the raw data for your own interpretation.

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