Category: Management and consulting services

Namibia Preferential Procurement

Namibia Preferential Procurement Corporation CC (NPPC) has been one of the founders and the exclusive rating agency since 2004. The company believes that measuring and verifying of transformation is a key to the success of transformation and economic empowerment in Namibia. NPPC is 100% black female-owned Namibian company. The management team has extensive technical and commercial experience in various industry sectors in terms of transformation. The objective is to design your company’s preferential procurement strategy that will provide clearly defined management guidelines and processes to staff, customers and suppliers.


Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing Solutions is a strategically positioned, independent service provider which began its operations in the year 2002, rendering HR and related services to existing and potential (future) clientele. We are a fully registered Namibian close corporation, based in the capital, Windhoek.
Outsourcing Solutions fully reflects our unique character, ambition, passion and strengths. Our identity demonstrates our resilience and ability to face challenges, be at the top of our game and assist our clients in addressing their business challenges with precision and trust. We are bold, we are zealous about our clients and strive for excellence in all our interactions.