Category: Tourism

Namibia Tourism Board

The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) is the Namibia government agency responsible for bringing together both the private and public sector in implementing the national policy on tourism. Our mission is as follows: To market and develop tourism to and within Namibia that exceeds our visitors experience expectations, delivers value to stakeholders, improves the living standards and sustains the cultural values and way of life of our people, and enables broad base participation of Namibians in the tourism industry.

The NTB was established on April 2, 2001 with the following mandate:

• Promote Namibia’s tourism industry both internationally and locally.
• Ensure that services rendered and facilities provided to tourists comply with the prescribed standards.
• Register and grade accommodation establishments, and other tourism related businesses.
• Promote the training of persons engaged in the tourism industry.
• Promote the development of environmentally sustainable tourism by actively supporting the long-term conservation, maintenance and development of the natural resources base of Namibia.
• Provide advice and guidance to persons engaged in the tourism industry.
NTB has five offices located in Windhoek, Frankfurt, London, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The offices offer well-trained staff who are eager to assist potential visitors with general information about Namibia and produce an attractive travel itinerary.


Exclusive Reservations & Marketing

Exclusive Reservations & Marketing is a service-orientated company offering marketing and reservations facilities for quality establishments in Namibia. We aim for high standards and guest satisfaction at our establishments, the emphasis on personalised service is just one of our goals we are aiming to achieve.
All Establishments have been carefully selected to offer our guests a memorable stay in Namibia. In our group of establishments represented, we can offer accommodation from the luxurious to the historical and activities range from game viewing, bird-watching, guided walks, hiking, and riding, Himba excursions, to action adventure activities such as sand boarding, quad biking and dolphin tours.


Hospitality Association of Namibia

The Hospitality Association of Namibia ( HAN) aims to optimise the full potential of the Namibian hospitality sector and deliver unrivalled service to members to help contribute to the sustainable growth of the tourism industry in Namibia. As voice of the hospitality sector, HAN has established structures and mechanisms to promote the collective interests of its members. Its focus is on national strategic collaboration and in unlocking synergies in the sector to influence decision-making on tourism at national level, aligned to the national development agenda. Ultimately, HAN aims to be recognised as the flagship representative body of the Namibian hospitality industry.