IJG Securities

IJG believes in the basic concept that their services should be tailored to fit their clients’ personal and business needs. As an established market leader, IJG works with their clients to craft bespoke financial solutions, which include: Stockbroking – IJG Securities is the leading Namibian stockbroker and is supported in its sponsoring, equity and fixed income trading services with cutting-edge market research and analyses. Private Equity – IJG Capital is IJG’s Namibia-focussed venture capital and private equity fund manager, providing equity funding, extensive expertise and strategic know-how to Namibian businesses. Advisory – IJG advisory’s full suite of services stretch from business valuations and restructurings, through capital raising and corporate finance support to best-practice advice on privatisations, debt issuance and debt restructurings. Wealth management – with a range of advanced financial, estate, retirement and education planning tools in its arsenal, IJG’s wealth management team is there to assist you in optimising and consistently achieving and exceeding your personal savings and investment goals.

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