Pick & Pay

Pick n Pay Namibia is a proudly and fully owned Namibian company with a rich heritage that forms part of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group. In its quest to provide Namibians with innovation and a world-class shopping experience, Pick n Pay Namibia has over the past 21 years established a solid reputation as an exceptional retailer. When the Model Supermarkets franchise agreement with Woolworths came to an end in 1997, a new agreement was entered into with Pick n Pay and the first store was opened at Wernhil Park in Windhoek. Pick n Pay Namibia applies the franchise concept of the very successful Pick n Pay South Africa Group, which was previously voted the world’s best retailer – an international award recognizing excellence and distinguished service to the retail sector. The retailer’s current footprint includes 22 stores across Namibia offering a variety of quality and premium products at competitive prices.

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