SunCycles Electrics Namibia cc t/a EBIKES4AFRICA

SunCycles Namibia (t/a EBIKES4AFRICA) is a social enterprise that provides access to e-mobility, solar recharge solutions and multi-functional container hubs to rural and urban communities. As a pioneering project for Namibia and Africa, the enterprise’s products and services create sustainable solutions to transport and energy challenges across the continent, catering to users ranging from kindergarten teachers to healthcare workers, environmental educators, anti-poaching patrol units, game guards, tourism enterprises, entrepreneurs, farmers and commuters – empowering and mobilising on two wheels and through the sun’s energy.


ABBS Information Technology Services cc

ABBS Information Technology Services gives training for computer basics and all other services related


Amutanga Trading Enterprises cc

Amutanga Trading Enterprises offers cleaning, security, catering, agent, construction, sales and distribution, as well as investment services.


Bank Windhoek

Bank Windhoek was established in 1982, when a group of Namibian entrepreneurs took over eight local branches of Volkskas Bank. The aim was to create a financially independent bank for Namibians in Namibia. Currently, Bank Windhoek is operating under the umbrella of Capricorn Group, of which Capricorn Investment Holding is the main shareholder.
As a unique Namibian bank, our heritage has always played a vital role in the way we approach our banking. Being Namibian, we have always had a set of challenges along the way. Not only have these challenges helped shape us in the bank we are today, but they have also cemented our legacy as a unique Namibian bank for Namibians. By keeping our roots firmly grounded in what we know best – our country and its people – our commitment towards building relationships within the communities we operate in, remains a key focus of our organisation and tangible through various socio-economic and consumer education initiatives.
Bank Windhoek also remains committed to give its clients the best advice on using their bank accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible. As the financial partner of our clients, our range of consumer education initiatives are therefore aimed at empowering our clients and the Namibian public with knowledge, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their finances and increasing their financial literacy


FirstRand Namibia

FirstRand Namibia is Namibia’s largest commercial banking group and, and according to The Banker Magazine of London, Namibia’s best bank for ten years.
FirstRand Namibia has grown into a leading banking service provider in the country, and through active upskilling and localisation programs today employs more than 2 200 Namibian citizens, providing banking services via 55 branches and agencies throughout Namibia, while providing multi-faceted financial services and products to the nation. 
Within the FirstRand Namibia Group is First National Bank of Namibia Limited, WesBank, RMB Namibia, Ashburton, FNB Insurance Brokers, OUTsurance, and FNB Unit Trusts. FNB Namibia Ltd provides a full range of banking services to individuals, while FNB Business and RMB Namibia offer services and solutions that meet the needs of enterprises – both large and small – throughout the country.


IJG Securities

IJG believes in the basic concept that their services should be tailored to fit their clients’ personal and business needs. As an established market leader, IJG works with their clients to craft bespoke financial solutions, which include: Stockbroking – IJG Securities is the leading Namibian stockbroker and is supported in its sponsoring, equity and fixed income trading services with cutting-edge market research and analyses. Private Equity – IJG Capital is IJG’s Namibia-focussed venture capital and private equity fund manager, providing equity funding, extensive expertise and strategic know-how to Namibian businesses. Advisory – IJG advisory’s full suite of services stretch from business valuations and restructurings, through capital raising and corporate finance support to best-practice advice on privatisations, debt issuance and debt restructurings. Wealth management – with a range of advanced financial, estate, retirement and education planning tools in its arsenal, IJG’s wealth management team is there to assist you in optimising and consistently achieving and exceeding your personal savings and investment goals.


Ilotu Investments cc

Ilotu Cosmetics is a Namibian cosmetic company, that specialises in the production of natural, essential oil based skin and hair healthcare products.

Ilotu Cosmetics products are full body detox masks, foot treatment creams, body butters, shampoos and conditioners.

Ilotu Cosmetics products contain antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties of plant extracts making them ideal for treating various skin conditions. The condition(s) treatment ranges from the common acne or dry sensitive skin and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.