Amutanga Trading Enterprises cc

Amutanga Trading Enterprises offers cleaning, security, catering, agent, construction, sales and distribution, as well as investment services.


Woermann, Brock & Co

The leading Namibian supermarkets group with branches across the country. Get your groceries at the very best prices from WB!


Unique Cleaning Solutions

Unique Cleaning Solutions was established in 2020 during COVID-19, with the aim to provide job opportunities in Namibia. Unique Cleaning Solutions offers cleaning products for all your cleaning needs for offices and homes. In every aspect of our business, we strive to earn and keep the trust of our customers.


Tulande Online CC

Tulande Online is an online e-commerce platform that seeks to expand the market size of its vendors through digital trade. Our website caters for both product and service providers and we run our operations based on the research we have been conducting since 2018.  We opened up our doors on the 8th of September 2022 and started trading on the 8th of November 2022. Our slogan is “ Opening New Markets” and just as it says we aim to tap into new and existing markets through trade.


Lexna Insurance Ltd

LEXNA Insurance provides access to affordable legal advice and services for as little as N$ 90 a month


N/a’an ku sê Ecotourism Collection

With establishments situated across Namibia, the Naankuse Ecotourism Collection generates vital income for the conservation efforts of the Naankuse Foundation. Our establishments offer guests a chance to learn about conservation, pristine budget and luxury accommodation, and unique wildlife and cultural activities.

Conservation through innovation
The Naankuse Foundation is a conservation charity dedicated to preserving the landscapes, cultures and wildlife of Namibia. Originating as a small wildlife sanctuary nestled in the Namibian bush, Naankuse is now a world-famous conservation organisation.

The Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary provides a safe haven and second chance for countless injured, orphaned and conflict animals. Wherever possible our aim is to release animals back into the wild.

Our mission is to conserve the land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia, Africa. We aim to achieve this through encouraging participation, education and scientific research.


Choppies Namibia

Through its subsidiaries and associate companies, the Choppies group operates in the retail sector of the sub-Saharan African market. At present, the group operates in eight Sothern African countries (Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Namibia) and continue its expansion into new, as well as under-serviced areas in the existing markets. The group is managed by a team of over 300 professionals who has extensive expertise and experience in the retail industry. At present, the group has 218 stores across the southern African region.

The retail chin offers to customers mainly focuses on food and non-edible groceries, clothing, tobacco, beauty products and general merchandise. The offer also includes additional value added services such as financial transactions at the till points. In additions to manufacturer-branded products, Choppies has a number of its private label products to suit every budget.

The group will soon be launching its online business which will give the customers the opportunity to shop from their homes and have their order delivered to their doors in a fixed time slots.

With over 17,000 staff members, the Choppies Group is a significant employment generator in the retail sector in Africa. The Group will continue to address the socio-economic challenges faced by the communities it serves through the supply of high-quality, affordable food for all customers while providing significant employment and economic opportunities across its value chain.

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